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Digital Printing Taking Over

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Digital printing is exploding, and savvy brands are already on it. Digital has been the most rapidly growing area in the print market for years, according to Smithers Pira analysts, averaging an annual growth rate of 9.2 percent in value and 5.9 percent by volume from 2009 to 2015. FoodProductionDaily outlines the top features that ensure digital printing is likely to continue its movement toward domination.

Goes with Anything

Digital is versatile enough to print on everything from traditional cardboard boxes to newfangled fabrics, synthetics and substrates. Advanced digital presses can even print on Read more

COstly Kroger ice cream product recall

Avoiding Costly Product Recalls

In late April, Kroger recalled their Private Selection Hazelnut Marscarpone and Hazelnut Nut Fudge ice cream flavors because they contained unlabeled egg ingredients. They were forced to pulled 16 oz. containers from store shelves in 31 states. Such a sweeping product recall was prompted by the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions for people sensitive to eggs – and because the product labels Kroger uses did not contain enough information to allow a recall limited to only those products that actually contained the egg ingredients.

The truth is, Read more