Innovative packaging for enhanced consumer engagement

Innovative Packaging Solutions, Track and Trace Products

FASTechnology Group offers innovative Packaging Solutions, and Track and Trace Systems designed for the Consumer Package Goods market and beyond.

Both of our trademarked solutions, CUSTOMprint+ and PACKprint, can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


High-performance variable print solutions for inline packaging, CUSTOMprint+ provides profitable packaging with customization and personalization. Find more about CUSTOMprint+ here.


PACKprint from FASTechnology group simplifies track and trace technologies while adding enhanced shopper engagement.  More details about PACKprint can be found here.

Packaging Machinery

FASTech provides and supports a wide variety of packaging machinery for all your production needs.  Click here for more details…

PACKprint – Enhanced Shopper Engagement

The newest innovation from FASTechnology Group

A relative product DNA attached to a scannable code, incorporates:

  • food origination
  • ingredient details
  • manufacturing details
  • carbon footprint

To simplify:

  • Product tracing
  • Product recalls
  • Eliminates labels
  • Additional product detail
  • Enhanced shopper engagement
  • Highly targeted marketing campaigns







High-performance variable on pack printing solutions for inline packaging machinery

Not only does FASTech provide a variety of packaging machine solutions, we also have CUSTOMprint+ to provide profitable package printing with customization and personalization.  Not only can you print the standard date/lot code, expiration, and price:

  • Tailor products and promotions by matching preferences to local store demographics
  • Encourage complimentary product sales through customization and cross-merchandising
  • Support local charities with on-pack promotions and cause marketing for branded events
  • Sell product more quickly as expiration dates approach with unique real-time on-shelf promotions
  • Develop highly targeted direct mail samples for a low cost with on-pack personalization

CUSTOMprint packaging printing

how to use custom print plus

how custom print plus works

See FASTech’s On-Pack Printing Demonstration Video

Consumer Packaged Goods

FASTechnology Group is a veteran Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) packaging integrator with roots in the Commercial Printing vertical segment. FASTech’s core competency is focused in high speed precision product tracking, handling, vision based quality control, variable digital package printing, and retail-ready end cap palletization. With over 1,000 installations nation-wide, FASTech is well-versed in the turnkey application of high volume machine and variable data print controls within the major US Commercial Printing sector.

These core CPG competencies combined with FASTech’s consumer targeting expertise that was honed over many years in the complex Commercial Printing segment has formed the cornerstone for our emerging Retail Ready Personalized Packaging (RRPP) initiative, and is designed to improve product sustainability and effectiveness. More specifically, custom geographic, demographic, psychographic and store-centric marketing content can be developed and micro-targeted to a granular level never achievable until now, and ultimately incorporated into the manufacturer supply chain to retail store.

This custom, store-of-the-community retailer / demographic targeted content is now variably printed on pack, and is also truly segmented to the area, route, store, pallet, or even individual customer level. Not only can an overall reduction in bulk retail labeling, ordering and inventory costs be realized, but it also yields retailer economies of scale by shifting POS costs and wasted floor space from broad “shotgun approach” POS displays to efficient and effective micro targeting on-pack, on-carrier, and on-pallet.

FASTechnology Group’s intelligent palletization controls yields route sequenced, mixed case, or demographic grouped end-cap pallet displays that are far more retail-ready simply after unwrapping on the floor. FASTech patent pending RRPP systems can be easily overlayed and cost effectively deployed onto any pre-existing filling and packaging lines.


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