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The importance of knowing what your OEE is!

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Part 4 of 4 Part Blog by Dion Volk Now that you know how to calculate OEE, what do you do with it?  How is it useful?  What is a good number? Knowing your OEE helps you understand your manufacturing health, know when to take on additional orders, when to make […]

How Proper Operator Training and Maintenance Improve OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Part 3 of 4 Part Blog by Dion Volk Now that we understand what OEE is and the contributing factors to its loss; how does operator training and maintenance really improve your numbers?  Again, we look to the equation,   OEE = Availability x Productivity x Quality, then break it down […]

“What is OEE and How Can It Be Measured?”

OEE Part 1 of 4 Part Blog by Dion Volk The term OEE is being thrown around a lot lately; so what is it exactly?  Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a concept used in lean manufacturing implementation.  At a very basic level OEE can be measured using the following equation: OEE = Availability X Productivity […]

PACK EXPO Nov. 6-9 2016, Chicago

Attending the 2016 PACK EXPO in Chicago? Stop by booths N5226 (M-TEK Corp) and LL9220 (BPI Equipment) to see how FASTechnology Group can provide the integrated packaging solutions that will increase productivity and lower maintenance costs. Please call or email Dion Volk to schedule a meeting at PACK EXPO: (920)-371-2331 / dion.volk@fastechgroup.com or just stop […]