New CUSTOMprint+ enables highly customized package printing

FASTechnology Group promises substantial marketing benefits from CUSTOMprint+, a new software integration product that fully integrates short-run, highly customized package printing with mobile and social media to enable individually targeted retail marketing initiatives. It even allows for on-pack printing for highly targeted sampling campaigns.

CUSTOMprint+ addresses several emerging market trends:

  • Retail and e-commerce marketing are converging. Many consumers will shop and/or gather coupons online, then go to a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet to make their purchase. Others will go to a retail outlet to see products hands-on then shop online for a better price.
  • Packaging and mobile media are now coordinated, with mobile devices scanning product information and delivering coupons whose values vary with the shelf-age of the product, store-specific promotional opportunities, customer loyalty rewards and other customized marketing initiatives.
  • Consumer affinities for neighborhood localization & sense of community are on the rise. Community pride extends into the market place. Local produce is preferred over imported produce. Locally manufactured products sustain higher pricing.
  • Adverse economic conditions have produced a more price sensitive shopper who increasingly relies on coupons. Retailers are issuing coupons at the point of sale.
  • The coupons available online are virtually unlimited.

To capitalize on these trends, FASTechnology’s CUSTOMprint+ provides variable data imaging that interfaces with a variety of industry standard printers to incorporate target-market databases into the production line, intuitive touch-screen controls that make set-up and operation simple, and scalable architecture that facilitates expansion and reduces implementation costs. These features enable electronically coordinated cross-merchandising and cause marketing programs, on-shelf sales incentives, cost-effective test marketing, personalized POS marketing and variable product sample mailings compliant with all USPS delivery requirements.

FASTechnology Group’s CEO Joe Hattrup, says CUSTOMprint+ technology is revolutionizing the way manufacturers, distributors and retailers go to market. “Marketing normally done through space-wasting POS displays,” he says, “can now be targeted by market segment, location or any other demographic information and delivered by mobile media to save floor space, eliminate bulk-labeling inventory costs and more effectively reach each individual customer.”



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