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Streemfeeder V710

  • Lightly used in good working condition

VideoJet 210 Label Applicators

  • Set of 2, only used at tradeshows, good working condition
  • One user Interface and cable
  • Comes with box of various labels
  • Buy on eBay click here…

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Stick Pack Packaging Machines

SP-303 Stick Pack Packaging Machines for Liquid and Powder

General Information

  • Maximum Speed: Up to 80 Sticks/Min –per lane
  • Minimum Bag Size: 15mm(W) x 40mm(L)
  • Maximum Bag Size: 100mm(W) x 180mm(L)
  • Standard Electrical: 220v/480V 30amp Three Phase
  • Compressed air: 80L/min @6 bar

Machine Information

  • Fully Automatic vertical Stick Pack packaging machine
  • Continuous motion
  • Multi-lane configurations
  • PLC Control with touch screen operation
  • All Servo Motors
  • Multiple filler options
  • Product discharge conveyor
  • Specialized sealing and cooling system

Why FASTech…

FASTech offers stick pack machines for all levels of production demand, from entry level 2-lane stick pack machines to a 10 lane high speed, high quality and highly reliable machines! Stick packs are becoming more popular every day  from drink mixes to nutritional powders and everything in between, and our stick pack machines can quickly and reliably package it.

FASTech can include a variety of printing solutions to print on every pack, including fast drying HP style cartridge printers from Inc.Jet for high speed multi-head print technology.

FASTech also offers Checkweighers that communicate rite to the filler / auger to precisely fill each stick, and reject any out of spec, on the fly. See our Checkweigher offerings on the next page.

See it in action here in this video…

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